Here at H2O Is Life, we are all about water and all the different ways of generating this vital life source.

From Atmospheric Water Generation, to the harvesting of rainwater, and recycling grey-water through two advanced filtration systems;

our team of specialists provide the best water solution; ensuring organic water, even when your taps run dry.

  • This unit was a real life changer. It's cost effective and environmentally friendly. Perfect for a green-home.
    John van Wyk
  • We've had quite a few instances where we were left without water, or had contaminated water by natural reservoirs in the area. Thankfully we had the AWG to rely on for clean water. Before we would've had to fill and carry and stock up on heavy 25 liter containers. But no more. Organic water with a great taste. This machine is truly worth every 'penny'.
    Sarah Bradshaw
  • At first I was a little apprehensive to how this machine would work in a family of 4. I am pleased to say that it has really been a great buy for any family or business. I was astounded by its high quality. It has proven to be really effective, even in less humid days, and is extremely user friendly with its LCD display; a real bonus with kids around (our 4 year old wants to drink water now all the time).
    Dean Johnson
  • Great machine with amazing tech. Easy to use and economical. Great customer service.
    Greg Olivier
  • We have two of these units in our office. It's convenient, easy to use and effective. Not to mention the great taste. I cannot stand the taste of any other water anymore; as if one can taste the chemicals and pipes. I am very pleased with these machines. It was also a life saver during the water crises! Awesome machine.
    Mariette Venter
    OSA Creative Marketing
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Water from Air

Much like the natural process of condensation; our machines draw in warm, humidity enriched air. The hot air is then cooled down to dew point. During this process, condensation takes place, filling the first reservoir.

The water then goes through an extensive filtration and purification process, allowing for natural and essential minerals to be infused with the water.

The water then makes it way to the top UV filtration reservoir; until dispensed via either, hot or cold, outlet. As organic and nutritious as drinking rain water.

Organic water at the touch of a button

FAQ: Atmospheric Water Generators

1How much water does the AWG make?
Depending on the humidity percentage (conveniently displayed on the unit's LCD screen); the unit will produce between 5- 35 liters in a 24-hour period. Water Production liters (24-Hour Period): 20% = 5-10 liters; 40% = 11-16 liters; 50% = 21-26 liters; 60+% = 27-35 liters.
2How much electricity does the AWG unit use?
With a 450w motor; it will use less than an average geyser or stove. These units are both, economic-, and environmentally friendly.
3What does AWG water taste like?
Because the water is generated solely from the humidity in the air, the nutrients and minerals are kept, making AWG water taste just as pure as drinking rain drops. After tasting AWG water, it becomes a challenge to endure the taste of water from any other source. It's the purest form of water to be found, all at the touch of a button.
4What is UV filtration, and how does it work?
During the process of UV filtration, the water passes through Ultra Violet light. The UV rays destroys bacteria and any other organic contaminants, leaving behind clean, pure, tasty drinking water.